Can social and e-commerce transform the future of the open web?

Despite Automattic’s respected position, awareness of its myriad businesses tends to be spotty. “I spend a lot of time with investors, press and research analysts, and I’m always stunned that people say, ‘We know WordPress.’ But they don’t know Woo,” says Mark Davies, Automattic’s chief financial officer, referring to the company’s WooCommerce subsidiary. “It’s always […]

Creators can now monetize their expertise on Quora

In May, Yahoo! Answers shut down after helping the internet answer its most burning questions since 2005. But now, Quora, which began as a question-and-answer site but expanded to incorporate blogging, is making its platform more appealing to creators. Quora says it’s “on track to be cash flow positive from ads alone,” implying that the platform […]

Robinhood is now a stonk

Update: Trading of Robinhood shares has been halted due to volatility. The company’s stock paused at $65.60 on Robinhood itself. Yahoo Finance has a higher $77.03 price on the company’s equity, up a stunning 64.59% today. Things are fluid, but Robinhood may have been halted and then rose again when it resumed trading. Stonks indeed. […]