SaaS in 2021: How prodigious growth changed the startup landscape permanently

With capital in abundance, SaaS startups don’t seem to be too worried about how much runway they have remaining. According to OpenView’s annual Financial & Operating Benchmarks report, only 13% of nearly 600 companies surveyed named “burning too much cash” as one of their top three concerns, compared to 30% last year. While 2020 was […]

Qualcomm launches new AR dev kit, acquires Clay AIR

Qualcomm today launched a new developer platform for building head-worn augmented reality experiences: the Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform. The only supported hardware for the platform is currently Lenovo’s ThinkReality A3 smart glasses (paired with a Motorola phone), but it will expand to include hardware from Oppo and Xiaomi in the first half of 2022. […]

Al Gore puts $600M into UK Green energy-tech startup Octopus Energy Group

Former Vice President Al Gore has invested $600 million of equity into U.K. energy startup Octopus Energy Group via his Generation Investment Management vehicle, taking a stake of approximately 13% in the business. The investment means Octopus has attained a valuation of around $4.6 billion. Octopus has made a name for itself in energy circles […]