5 questions for venture capital in Q3

Somehow the third quarter of 2021 is coming to a close. Instead of a period filled with family and friends and fun, in many parts of the world, the COVID era dragged on, leaving us largely working from home and executing more phone calls than impromptu brunches. Alas. But in the last handful of quarters, […]

Should Mark Zuckerberg be scared of Peter Thiel?

Unless you’ve been in a cave over the last week, you’ve likely read a review or some discussion about The Contrarian, a new book about billionaire investor Peter Thiel by longtime Bloomberg Businessweek features editor and tech reporter Max Chafkin. It isn’t surprising. Thiel has become an important figure in America over the last 15 […]

The enormous challenges and abundant opportunities in climate tech

The decarbonization of the planet will be the next major disruption of the 21st century, according to SOSV managing general partner Sean O’Sullivan and Carmichael Roberts of Breakthrough Energy Ventures. A disruption of such magnitude will bring about changes that will touch every industry and corner of daily life, and as a result, a complex […]

Will rising interest rates scupper the startup surge?

Investor and entrepreneur Anshu Sharma — formerly Storm Ventures, now CEO of privacy-focused SkyFlow — asked on Twitter today about the connection between interest rates and technology valuations: Ignore the compliments; Sharma was merely trying to bait Jeff and me into engaging with his question. Which worked, as you can tell. Sharma is someone with […]

Creative capital is the secret sauce, not venture capital

Brett Lovelady Contributor Share on Twitter Brett Lovelady is the founder of Astro Studios, now a part of PA Consulting, a design-driven company that empowers designers and strives to capture the value of design in the product, brand, experience and company creation process. Around 90% of startups ultimately fail, and the reasons leading to failure […]

Flat6Labs closes $10M seed fund for Tunisian startups

Regional seed and early-stage venture capital firm, Flat6Labs, has finished raising $10 million for its seed fund targeted at Tunisian startups, according to a statement released by the company. The seed fund, called Anava Seed Fund (ASF), at first sought a close of $3 million but instead closed 3.3x of the initial figure. The fund […]

Extra Crunch roundup: Here’s everything you missed at TechCrunch Disrupt 2021

If that headline sounded judgmental, I apologize. We just wrapped up a three-day virtual event that included discussions and interviews with some of the most notable people in technology, media, government and venture capital. Even in person, there’s no way to absorb Disrupt in its entirety. Full Extra Crunch articles are only available to members […]

Bootstrapping in 2021 goes a long way

The boom in venture capital fundraising that the technology startup market has enjoyed since the back half of 2020 has been eye-popping. Record sums have been disbursed around the world as more firms entered the fray to invest in startups, and the late-stage capital flowed like water. But while the venture capital game seemed to […]