Bullish or bearish? What to expect for Europe VC activity in 2022

With another year of venture capital records in the books, it’s time to look forward. Global data was clear: The 2021 venture capital startup investment cycle was record-breaking; around the world, startups raised more money than ever before, with individual geographies posting all-time hauls. Africa had a killer year. North America was hot. Latin America […]

In blow to unicorns, the global IPO market continues to soften

The IPO market is flatlining at an awkward moment. While private markets remain heavily risk-on, a key avenue for startup exits – and investor liquidity – is seemingly shut. Our first indication that this was the case was the Justworks IPO delay in the United States, which pulled the plug on its debut close to […]

More tech drama, please

As the startup game has matured around the world, it’s become less fun. Building companies from nothing to something is hardly supposed to be laugh-a-minute, but I think we’ve lost sight of how much fun new tech used to be. An example that comes to mind is Meerkat. Let me explain: Back in 2015, Meerkat […]

Will the latest selloff finally shake up how investors value startups?

Well, here we are. The bad things are still happening: The U.S. stock market opened in the red this morning, with broad indices losing ground (the S&P 500 is off 2.3%) and the tech-heavy Nasdaq taking even more punishment (off 2.7%). The Exchange explores startups, markets and money. Read it every morning on TechCrunch+ or […]

Netflix’s dismal results are more evidence that the pandemic trade is over

TechCrunch got its teeth into the pandemic trade and its possible conclusion yesterday. As a refresher: After the initial onset of COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdowns, changes to work environments and restriction of travel, some companies saw their values quickly appreciate as they found investor favor. The reasons for some sectors gaining luster in the […]

Changes to corporate investing rules could diminish China’s resilient venture landscape

Since the Ant Group IPO was canceled by central authorities, China’s government has been on a regulatory tear. You know the broad outlines: After a lengthy period of growth, capital investment and aggressive business practices, China’s central government spent much of 2021 reining in its technology sector. While some of the actions were reasonable from […]

When will VCs hit the brakes?

I do not want this morning column to become Old Man Shouts at Stocks; that’s not its goal. To prevent that from happening, we’re flipping the script today. The Exchange explores startups, markets and money. Read it every morning on TechCrunch+ or get The Exchange newsletter every Saturday. Instead of talking about what the public […]

For investors, future of work isn’t only about HR

With tech companies such as Meta once again postponing workers’ return to the office, it is clear that remote work will be a big part of our world in 2022 and beyond. This makes “future of work” a hot topic among investors, but that means different things to different people. The Exchange explores startups, markets […]

NFT volume, DAOs and the curious case of LooksRare

Like you, I check NFT marketplace volume a few times each day to keep tabs on the burgeoning market for buying and selling digital signatures on various blockchains that point to images and the like. We’re very cool. Mostly, the data is steady. OpenSea volumes tend to lead the space, with other, smaller NFT exchanges […]

Has Y Combinator’s new deal changed the early-stage investing game?

Y Combinator’s newly announced plan to invest more capital into startups that take part in its accelerator program is more controversial than many first assumed. By raising its so-called “standard deal” to include an additional $375,000, the U.S. program and investing group with hundreds of companies in each of its accelerator classes may have materially […]