Offer decks and other fresh tips for startup hiring

Hiring is harder than ever for basically every startup. The rush of investment into tech companies in recent years has created more demand for skilled workers than humans can currently meet. But you can still get the talent you need if you get the details right. Especially if you know how to take advantage of […]

How to take advantage of distributed work

Distributed work is becoming the norm for many tech companies as the pandemic waxes and wanes. But there are plenty of ways to mess it up, especially if you’re attempting a hybrid solution — or if you’re secretly pining for the office. I recently sat down with two experts on the topic to learn more: […]

Crafting a pitch deck that can’t be ignored

Thousands of pitch decks, and only a handful of winners. Such is the math of the VC industry right now, what with an explosion of startups and dreams of glory launching every year. VCs are overwhelmed with pitches, which means that crafting the perfect deck and connecting with a reader in the few seconds you […]

How do you select the right tech stack?

Having a great idea isn’t enough when you’re starting a startup. You have to execute well on that idea by making the right decisions at the right time. In particular, you have to pick the right tech stack for your product. Without a good technical foundation, you can end up accumulating a lot of technical […]

Getting started with building an audience in the creator economy

How can you anticipate the content people want before they want it? How do you figure out where your audience lives online and what they like? What is a creator, after all? At TechCrunch Disrupt 2021, we were joined by Julia Munslow, Special Projects Editor at Yahoo News, Alexis Gay, comedian and host of Non […]

What you should know about prepping your startup for the public markets

It’s been an active four quarters for technology IPOs. If you rewind the clock to Q4 2020, we’ve seen megawatt public debuts from tech shops of all sorts. Airbnb recovered from COVID-19-induced lows to list, while Roblox delayed its IPO and went out with a direct listing. DoorDash went public. had an explosive offering […]

Leveraging customer feedback and data to iterate on your product

How to iterate on product has always been one of the top concerns at startups. But while they previously had to rely solely on customer feedback and instincts, they now also have a trove of data to balance. This dynamic creates new opportunities but also requires a new kind of arbitrage. We discussed this new […]

Finding product-market fit, from the earliest stages through growth

At this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt, we assembled an all-star panel of venture capitalists working across the entire range of startup growth and got their insights on assessing product-market fit — a perennial and evergreen challenge for entrepreneurs at all levels of experience. Human Ventures’ Heather Hartnett, Greylock’s David Thacker, and Felicis’ Victoria Treyger all shared […]

3 founders share strategies for navigating bias and building confidence

Entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups are more likely to face an uphill climb than their white, male counterparts, but their challenges stretch well beyond systemic bias and a general lack of access to capital. Women, transgender and Black startup founders must navigate myriad issues for which there is no playbook: People of color may question how […]

Index, Sequoia and Canvas investors weigh in on how to raise your first dollars

Founders seeking to raise their first round of capital may feel overwhelmed by the prospect. There is definitely plenty of capital out there, but there are also a lot of startups clamoring for it. To help new entrepreneurs figure out this dilemma, we invited three investors to speak at a panel titled, “How to Raise […]