Why Robinhood is getting hammered today

The 2020-2021 trading and investing boom lifted a number of companies’ revenue growth, fundraising and narrative strength. Some of the best-known even went public on the back of a global trend that made their businesses shine. Now that shine is fading, and the value of select fintech concerns is in free-fall. The best example of […]

Canvas gives non-technical teams data exploration knowledge without needing a degree in SQL

While some startups are trying to get people to leave spreadsheets behind, Canvas, which is developing a collaborative data exploration tool, is going all in with a spreadsheet-like interface for non-technical teams to access the information they need without bothering data teams. Luke Zapart, who started Canvas in late 2020 with his former Flexport colleagues […]

South Korean proptech startup Zigbang acquires Samsung SDS’ smart home IoT business

Zigbang, a South Korean proptech startup that provides real estate transactions service, announced on Thursday that it will acquire Samsung SDS’ home internet of things (IoT) unit to make a foray into the smart home industry.  Samsung SDS sells the smart home IoT division, which is the only B2C business Samsung SDS has, in order to focus […]

The first ‘Super Pumped’ trailer is here to dramatize Uber’s reckless ascendance

Bryan Menegus Contributor Bryan Menegus is a senior news editor at Engadget. Uber’s rise to prominence might have been difficult to believe even as fiction, had it not been documented at every turn by ever-more concerning reports of overreach. The quasi-legal taxi business (that likely still misclassifies an enormous number of drivers) belied a toxic […]

Inside Iyin Aboyeji’s plan to build charter cities for African tech

African cities, particularly sub-Saharan ones, have the fastest global urban growth rate. But with challenges around overcrowding, congestion, infrastructure, power and poor governance, these cities are maxed out in what they can provide to the average African living in urban environments. Some experts think charter cities offer a solution. They are granted a special jurisdiction […]

Zapp snaps up $200M to supersize its instant grocery play

Zapp, the instant grocery delivery startup that launched in 2020 in London, has picked up a substantial round of funding to go head-to-head with Getir, GoPuff, Jiffy, Deliveroo and the many others hungry for a share of the on-demand convenience market. It has raised $200 million, a Series B round of funding that Zapp said […]

Google to invest up to $1 billion in Indian telecom operator Airtel

Google will invest $700 million in the second largest Indian telecom operator Airtel, the latest in a series of bets the company has made in the world’s second largest internet market as part of a $10 billion commitment to the country. Google said it will invest $700 million to acquire a 1.28% stake in Airtel, […]

Edtech startups flock to the promise and potential of personalized learning

The rise of remote instruction left many parents freshly aware of (and annoyed by) the shortcomings of Zoom school, but for Letha McLaren, COVID-19 brought an epiphany: the importance of a headset. McLaren’s son, who deals with executive dysfunction, was better able to focus through the screen because he used a headset that blocked out […]