Australia’s Fertilis raised $2M to automate IVF embryo culturing

Adelaide-based startup Fertilis is the latest to join a wave of companies worldwide that are trying to make in vitro fertilization (IVF) less stressful and more successful for patients and clinicians. Two-year-old Fertilis’s technology to automate cell culture with micro medical devices has won support from some investors. Horizons Ventures, the venture capital firm of […]

3 views: Pay attention to these startup theses in 2022

In retrospect, the rise of software as a service (SaaS) is obvious. But for years, the idea that software would not only be hosted by providers instead of purchased by customers, and rented, instead of owned outright, was far from anyone’s mind. SaaS has cemented its place in the epicenter of startup and Big Tech […]

Cheugiest tech moments of 2021

Technology has come a long way in 2021. There’s widespread mRNA vaccines! An asteroid-deflecting space mission! A very powerful laptop with a very controversial notch! But it’s unfortunately easier to think about the cringiest moments of the year than it is to remember times when we marveled at indoor farming robots.  So hop aboard the choo-choo-cheugy […]

Not every creator economy startup is built for creators

Ten years ago, if you were a scrappy kid somehow making a living off of YouTube ad revenue and brand deals, you were probably told you didn’t have a real job. Now, if monetizing your creative output is how you pay your rent, you’re part of the creator economy, a buzzy new industry. An often-cited […]

Hulu rolls out personalized end-of-year recaps with stats about users’ streaming habits

Hulu is the latest company to introduce a Spotify Wrapped-like personalized end-of-year recap feature. The streaming service is giving subscribers the option to learn more about their viewing habits through a new “Your TV DNA” tool. The tool is accessible on a newly launched website where users can access a profile of their personalized viewing […]

The most prominent group lobbying for Silicon Valley’s interests in DC just fell apart

The trade group representing Silicon Valley’s biggest companies will disband, even as tech enters a new era of intense regulatory scrutiny in the nation’s capital. The Internet Association has fought for tech’s interests in Washington for the last nine years, lobbying lawmakers to advance the combined interests of Facebook, Amazon, Google, Airbnb, Uber, Twitter, Ebay, […]

Spotify acquires podcast tech company Whooshkaa which turns radio broadcasts into on-demand audio

Spotify is continuing its investments in podcasts with today’s news that’s it’s acquired another podcast technology company, Whooshkaa, an Australia-based all-in-one platform for hosting, managing, distributing, promoting, monetizing and measuring podcasts. The deal follows Spotify’s earlier acquisitions in the podcast technology market, including last year’s deal for hosting and ad company Megaphone, and, more recently, […]

Spotify is launching Apple-like ratings for podcasts

If you’ve ever listened to a podcast, you’ve probably heard a host ask you to leave a review on Apple Podcasts in their end credits. Now, that script might flip to “leave a review on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.” Spotify announced today that it’s implementing a five-star rating system, similar to Apple’s, in an attempt […]