Space Perspective raises $40M Series A for stratospheric balloon rides

The successful commercial launches of Blue Origin, SpaceX and Virgin Galactic have officially ushered in a new era of space tourism. But unlike these companies, which are planning on taking people to space using rockets or spaceplanes, two-year-old startup Space Perspective is taking a different tack. Instead of going to space on a rocket, which […]

William Shatner to fly on Blue Origin’s next human spaceflight on October 12

Blue Origin’s next passenger list will include TV and film space exploration veteran William Shatner, along with Blue Origin’s own Audrey Powers, who serves as the company’s Voice President of Mission & Flight Operations. These two will round out the four-person crew that includes previously announced passengers Chris Boshuizen and Glen de Vries, on a […]

FAA opens probe into anomaly on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spaceflight

Mariella Moon Contributor Mariella Moon is an associate editor at Engadget. More posts by this contributor Apple’s rumored iPhone satellite support may be for emergency calls and messages Old Amazon Kindle devices will soon lose 3G access The Federal Aviation Administration is looking into an anomaly on the Virgin Galactic flight that carried Richard Branson […]

A docu-series on the Inspiration4 mission is coming to Netflix

Inspiration4 is getting its own documentary. Netflix said Tuesday it would be releasing a five-part series on the mission, its first documentary to cover an event “in near real-time,” in five parts in September. “Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space” will follow the first all-civilian Inspiration4 crew as they prepare for and undergo a three-day flight […]