HubSpot Ventures’ new $100M fund fulfilling ‘mission to help millions of organizations grow better’

Three years after its launch, HubSpot Ventures is back with a $100 million fund, its CRM Platform Fund that will invest in early- and growth-stage technology companies focused on customer-first, business-to-business innovation for scaling organizations. “Our mission is to help organizations grow better through relationships, access to customers and customer service,” Andrew Lindsay, senior vice […]

B2B marketing tactics that can help move the needle

Ryan Narod Contributor Share on Twitter Ryan Narod leads marketing at Mutiny, a no-code AI platform that helps marketers convert their top-of-funnel demand into revenue, without engineers. Your target customers may discover your website through ads, search, word of mouth or offline channels like direct mail or events, but when they arrive, 99% of them […]

The first win: Getting early customers to take a chance with you

New companies face innumerable challenges around fine-tuning their product and constructing the appropriate revenue model. You may be looking ahead to raising some funds and trying to juggle the administrative aspects of running a business, but before all that, the purpose of your company is to sell your solution and generate revenue. But to do […]

Demand Curve: Questions you need to answer in your paid search ads

Stewart Hillhouse Contributor Share on Twitter Stewart Hillhouse writes actionable growth marketing insights as senior content lead at Demand Curve. By night, he interviews marketers and creatives on his podcast, Top Of Mind. Before getting into marketing, Stewart was a semi-professional lumberjack. He also writes at More posts by this contributor Demand Curve: Email […]