Max Q: Nanoracks, Voyager and Lockheed Martin plan commercial space station

Hello and welcome back to Max Q. The era of commercial space stations is here. Read on for news from Nanoracks, Voyager and Lockheed Martin on their plans to launch a space station in 2027, plus news on SpaceX’s Starship. Tips, opinions, criticism, thoughts? Email me at or find me on Twitter at @breadfrom. […]

Rocket Lab acquires spaceflight software and mission simulation company ASI for $40M+

Rocket Lab is acquiring a Colorado-based space software company called Advanced Solutions, Inc (ASI) for $40 million, with as much as $5.5 million in additional performance-based earnouts also available based on the company’s 2021 calendar year performance. ASI’s expertise lies in flight software for spacecraft, including guidance, navigation and control (GNC) offerings, as well as […]

Rocket Lab’s Peter Beck will discuss taking a company interplanetary at Disrupt 2021

Building an orbital launch business from scratch is no simple matter, but what if that business is just a stepping stone to a vertically integrated, interplanetary space company? Rocket Lab founder Peter Beck will be joining us next week at TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 (Sept 21-23) to talk about the challenge and exhilaration of pursuing his […]

Rocket Lab’s Mars mission gets green light from NASA

Rocket Lab is one step closer to going to Mars with NASA’s approval of the company’s Photon spacecraft for an upcoming science mission. If all continues according to plan the two craft will launch in 2024 and arrive on the Red Planet 11 months later to study its magnetosphere. The mission is known as the […]