How one founder set out to solve meetings once and for all

We’re talking to serial founder Julian Green, whose most recent startup, Headroom, is using AI to hack human conversation — starting with meetings. Julian’s goal is to make meetings and virtual communication feel closer to talking in the real world. Come to hear a very smart founder talk about his experience, stay for Jordan pitching […]

Anyplace raises $5.3M to provide a home (office) away from home

In this era of remote work, people want as much flexibility as possible to live where they want, when they want. It’s no surprise that we’ve seen a flurry of startups emerge to give people more options for long-term stays. Anyplace is one such startup. A self-described “digital nomad,” Satoru Steve Naito says he co-founded […]

Lawtrades aims to change how your company utilizes legal resources

Similar to other industries embracing contract work, Lawtrades is giving legal professionals a way to become independent and run their own virtual law practices. Raad Ahmed and Ashish Walia started the company in 2016 with an initial focus on startups and small businesses, trying to find product-market fit (as one does), but finding that legal […]