Asset financiers to the rescue as Bolt plans to sign-up 200,000 new drivers in Africa to meet growing demand for ride-hailing services

Bolt, the Estonian mobility tech company that recently closed a huge round, is planning to onboard an additional 200,000 drivers in Africa this year, as it kicks-off expansion to more cities within its existing markets while keeping up with the growing demand for e-hailing services across the continent. Bolt’s Africa regional director, Paddy Partridge, told […]

Canvas gives non-technical teams data exploration knowledge without needing a degree in SQL

While some startups are trying to get people to leave spreadsheets behind, Canvas, which is developing a collaborative data exploration tool, is going all in with a spreadsheet-like interface for non-technical teams to access the information they need without bothering data teams. Luke Zapart, who started Canvas in late 2020 with his former Flexport colleagues […]

Subscript wants to rid the world of subscription revenue metric spreadsheets

Sidharth Kakkar knows all about the pain of relying on a giant spreadsheet. While building his previous company, Freckle Education, it got to the point where the master spreadsheet full of data that everyone was using would not load anymore or would crash the computer. His company eventually was bought, but that pain point stuck […]

Parthean cares about personal finance so you don’t have to

The son of Iranian immigrants, Arman Hezarkhani spent his senior year of high school brainstorming a three-part thesis on what he wanted to dedicate his career to. First, he said that education is the most high-leverage way to make an impact on an individual, community and world. Second, he thinks that technology is the most […]

As Finmark finds its footing, it moves up market and takes on additional investment

When Finmark founder Rami Essaid built a previous startup, he saw firsthand how hard it is to build accurate financial models. When he sold that startup, Distil Networks, to Imperva 2019, he decided to build a new company that could help. Finmark, which launched in July 2020, helps companies build sophisticated financial models without having […]