WhatsApp quizzed over consumer protection concerns in EU

Remember the backlash over that impossible-to-understand privacy policy update pushed out by WhatsApp last year? A consumer protection complaint over the messaging platform’s aggressive push to make users accept impenetrable terms changes related to its use of their data continues to rumble on in the European Union — now shifting up a gear into a formal […]

Pimloc grabs $7.5M to pitch more businesses on AI-for-privacy video tools

Pimloc, a UK computer vision startup that’s sharpened its business pitch to sell an AI service for quickly anonymizing video — automating the blurring of faces or licence plates, along with a suite of other visual search services — has grabbed another chunk of seed funding: Announcing a raise of $7.5M, led by Zetta Venture […]

The law of tokenomics, revisited

To succeed in creating new technology business models in 2022, you will need to articulate and understand the tokenomics of your project.Read More

Apple’s updated Personal Safety User Guide addresses the AirTag stalking problem

After a number of stories in recent weeks have highlighted how Apple’s AirTags are being used for stalking purposes, the company has today updated its existing “Personal Safety User Guide” with new information on what consumers should do in the event they find an unknown AirTag in their presence or hear one make a sound. […]

Crypto pioneer David Chaum says web3 is ‘computing with a conscience’

David Chaum is a giant in the realm of computer security and, not surprisingly, cryptocurrency. His focus since the early 1980s, his company DigiCash sent the first digital payment in 1994, and he has since doubled down on blockchain and security. Chaum and his new company, xx.network, are future-proofing messaging by releasing the first “quantum-resistant” […]

Google gets hit with a new lawsuit over ‘deceptive’ location tracking

Washington DC, Texas, Washington state and Indiana announced the latest lawsuit against Big Tech Monday, alleging that Google deceived users by collecting their location data even when they believed that kind of tracking was disabled. “Google falsely led consumers to believe that changing their account and device settings would allow customers to protect their privacy […]

Google’s Privacy Sandbox targeted by fresh EU antitrust complaint

German publishers are the latest to band together to try to derail or at least delay Google’s “Privacy Sandbox” plan to end support for tracking cookies in Chrome via a complaint to the European Commission. The Financial Times reports that hundreds of German publishers, advertisers and media and industry groups — including local powerhouse Axel […]

Tekever raises $23M for industrial drone technology optimized for maritime surveillance

Industrial drones — the enterprise complement to the unmanned aerial vehicles that consumers own for leisurely use — are taking off in the market, fueled by a new wave of software and hardware technology that improves their battery life, reach and performance, and a growing number of organizations investing in these services to raise their […]

UK’s Online Safety Bill falls short on protecting speech and tackling harms, warns committee

Another UK parliamentary committee has weighed in on the government’s controversial plan to regulate Internet content with a broadbrush focus on ‘safety’. The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee, warned in detailed report today that it has “urgent concerns” the draft legislation “neither adequately protects freedom of expression nor is clear and robust enough […]

Europe’s top privacy regulator calls for ban on political microtargeting

The European Union’s chief privacy and data protection regulator has urged EU policymakers to strengthen proposed ‘transparency’ rules for political ads — calling instead for meaningful limits that would fully ban microtargeting for political purposes. The Commission proposal to regulate political ads, last fall, fell very far short of that — offering what this publication […]