Wordle’s Blizzard of transparency

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is our Friday episode, a run-down of key news headlines, startup funding rounds and whatever else is popping in the worlds of startups and tech. The whole gang was in the huddle […]

Plaid buys Cognito as it moves beyond merely connecting accounts

Plaid, a fintech unicorn known for its APIs that connect consumer bank accounts to financial applications, announced today that it is buying Cognito. The price is around $250 million, paid in a blend of cash and stock TechCrunch understands, though we couldn’t suss out the exact mix of each. The deal highlights where Plaid is […]

2021’s top 10 enterprise M&A deals reached $121B

There was a lot of action in 2021 in enterprise M&A — once totaled, my top 10 deals came in at just under $121 billion. And the biggest enterprise deal of the year by far — Oracle’s bid to buy Cerner — happened as I was writing this post. The final tally doesn’t include what […]

Nigeria’s OnePipe raises $3.5M to double down on its embedded finance offering

Last year, fintech API infrastructure players came into the African tech scene, ushering in Plaid-like services to businesses and developers. And the attention on these companies, particularly from venture capitalists, spiralled into this year, with each significant player raising large seed to Series A rounds. OnePipe, a fintech API company with a different play from […]

Lessons we learned from the last week of fintech earnings

Startup investors around the world are pouring capital into fintech startups. With good reason, it appears, if third-quarter earnings from public companies in the sector are any indication. Earnings reports released this week show a host of fintech players with strong operating results, both delighting investors and boosting share prices. For private companies, seeing their […]

Stitch gets a $2M seed extension, hires Benjamin Dada to lead Nigerian expansion

Two months into 2021, South African fintech Stitch came out of stealth and raised $4 million in seed funding, allowing it to begin to make inroads into Nigeria some months ago. Today, Stich formally announced the expansion into Nigeria and a seed extension of $2 million to go with it; the total seed investment now stands […]

Potential winners and losers line up as Plaid pushes deeper into payments

So Plaid now calls itself a payments company. It was only a matter of time, really. Earlier today, the data and connectivity startup announced a new payments partner ecosystem that will extend its existing payments infrastructure and make ACH bank transfers a more attractive alternative to credit card transactions. But the big winners here are […]

Plaid overhauls Plaid Link SDK with simplicity in mind

Since 2015, Plaid has helped developers connect users to banking information using an SDK (software development kit) called Plaid Link. As Plaid describes it in its SDK documentation, “The Plaid Link SDK is a quick and secure way to link bank accounts to Plaid in your … app.” Up until recently, the catch was that […]

Inside Plaid’s plans to build a new, global finance network

When Visa announced plans to purchase Plaid for $5.3 billion in January 2020, the deal represented one of the largest acquisitions of a fintech upstart by an incumbent financial powerhouse. But 12 months, one pandemic and one DOJ antitrust lawsuit later, and the credit card network provider decided the “protracted and complex litigation” necessary to […]