B2B marketing tactics that can help move the needle

Ryan Narod Contributor Share on Twitter Ryan Narod leads marketing at Mutiny, a no-code AI platform that helps marketers convert their top-of-funnel demand into revenue, without engineers. Your target customers may discover your website through ads, search, word of mouth or offline channels like direct mail or events, but when they arrive, 99% of them […]

Meet retail’s new sustainability strategy: Personalization

Sindhya Valloppillil Contributor Share on Twitter Sindhya Valloppillil is the founder and CEO of Skin Dossier, a venture partner at Next Gen Ventures, a freelance writer and formerly a beauty industry executive and marketing professor. More posts by this contributor It may not be as glamorous as D2C, but beauty tech is big money We […]

Audio out-of-home advertising is reinventing personalization

Paul Brenner Contributor Share on Twitter Paul Brenner is the chief strategy officer and president of audio out-of-home at Vibenomics, a location-based advertising and audio experience company creating memorable in-store experiences for shoppers. Do you remember the first time you received a personalized ad? Perhaps you discussed a product with a friend, and the next […]

Bluecore lands $125M Series E on $1B valuation as e-commerce personalization grows

During the pandemic, especially when we were in lock down, just about every retailer had to build its online presence and do it quickly. As people move to shop online in larger numbers, being able to personalize that experience has become more crucial. That made the pandemic a pivotal moment for Bluecore, an e-commerce personalization […]