AI2 shows off an open, Q&A-focused rival to GPT3

OpenAI’s impressive AI language model GPT-3 has plenty of things going it, but with 175 billion parameters no one would claim it’s particularly streamlined. The Allen Institute for AI (AI2) has demonstrated a model that performs as well or better than GPT-3 on answering questions, but is a tenth the size. Macaw, AI2’s model, emerged […]

Klarity lands $18M to read scores of documents so you don’t have to

Reviewing repetitive documents is, well, repetitive, but Klarity believes people don’t have to do all of that and is building an artificial intelligence tool, targeting finance and accounting departments, that turns documents into structured data. Document automation is not a new concept. There was an original wave of companies working on partial document automation, which […]

Weavit’s new app wants to be a ‘Shazam for your thoughts’

A new app called Weavit wants to be a “Shazam for your thoughts” — that is, it wants to offer people a different way to quickly capture their thoughts in a note-taking tool with a press of a button, which are then matched to other content in a broader knowledge base. Currently, Weavit can link […]

Verana Health closes $150M to glean more detail from electronic health records

Verana Health, a company focused on collecting and organizing troves of medical data, announced a $150 million Series E funding round on Friday. This round comes as the company sets its sights on new types of medical data, invests in organizing traditionally messy forms of information (like physician notes) and aims to extract more usable […]