Watch Edward Snowden launch Global Encryption Day, live today

Marginalized communities, survivors of abuse, politicians, law enforcement – they all use encrypted communications to keep their information safe. But the encryption of the kinds of services you and I use every day – from messaging to confidential internal company communications – is increasingly under threat by governments globally. The reasons are sometimes understandable, such […]

European Parliament backs ban on remote biometric surveillance

The European Parliament has voted to back a total ban on biometric mass surveillance. AI-powered remote surveillance technologies such as facial recognition have huge implications for fundamental rights and freedoms like privacy but are already creeping into use in public in Europe. To respect “privacy and human dignity”, MEPs said that EU lawmakers should pass […]

20 years later, unchecked data collection is part of 9/11’s legacy

John Ackerly Contributor Share on Twitter John Ackerly is co-founder and CEO of Virtru Corporation. Previously, he was an investor at Lindsay Goldberg LLC, served as a technology policy adviser at the White House and was the Policy and Strategic Planning director at the U.S. Department of Commerce. Almost every American adult remembers, in vivid […]