AI chip designer Moffett AI raises ‘tens of millions of dollars’ in Series A round

China’s call to foster semiconductor independence has sent investors chasing after chip startups of all sorts. Moffett AI, a Shenzhen-based chip design company, has received a fresh Series A injection. The company did not disclose the exact amount, only saying that the proceeds were in the “several tens of millions of dollars.” The round was […]

Is cell-cultured meat ready for prime time?

Meat has been part of the human diet since before we found fire, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the production of meat at scale is more of a detriment to the environment and the world than a benefit. Across cultures and geographies, animals have been such a vital part of the food chain that […]

Calibrate Ventures raises $97M for second fund targeting AI, automation

Calibrate Ventures, a four-year-old early-stage venture capital firm backing startups leveraging artificial intelligence and automation, debuted its second fund, a $97 million vehicle that is about 25% higher than its previous fund. With Calibrate Fund II, the firm has $175 million in assets under management, co-founder and managing partner Jason Schoettler told TechCrunch. The firm […]

Tiger Global leads cash infusion into Elementary for automated manufacturing inspection

Elementary, an artificial intelligence machine vision company, closed on $30 million in Series B funding to continue developing its manufacturing quality and inspection tools. We last profiled the Pasadena-based company last June when it raised $12.7 million in a financing round led by Threshold Ventures. Elementary’s tools enable customers to create no-code inspection routines and […]

UBQ Materials’ plastic replacement product attracts $170M from impact investor TPG Rise

UBQ Materials, which claims it has developed a plastic-like material made from 100% unsorted household waste, has raised a $170 million funding round led by TPG Rise, TPG’s global impact investing platform, made through TPG Rise Climate, the firm’s dedicated climate investing fund, and The Rise Funds, its multi-sector impact investing fund. The financing round […]

Factor raises seed round to streamline an overlooked part of the supply chain

The “last mile” in the supply chain has gotten lots of attention during the pandemic. Even ecommerce giants like Amazon have struggled to surmount the challenges of distributing product fast enough to keep up with demand. But Factor, a startup created in 2018 by manufacturing industry veterans Doug Shultz and Michael Szewczyk, just raised a […]