TLcom Capital targets $150M for its second fund to invest in 20 African startups

TLcom Capital, the Africa-focused venture capital firm known to have made bets on Andela and Twiga, is raising $150 million for its second fund targeted at making early- and late-stage investments. The firm has reached the first close of $70 million, according to a statement shared with TechCrunch. It’s almost the equivalent of what TLcom […]

Tekever raises $23M for industrial drone technology optimized for maritime surveillance

Industrial drones — the enterprise complement to the unmanned aerial vehicles that consumers own for leisurely use — are taking off in the market, fueled by a new wave of software and hardware technology that improves their battery life, reach and performance, and a growing number of organizations investing in these services to raise their […]

Pandemic prompts launch of new $75M US telemedicine fund from Swiftarc Ventures

New York-based Venture fund Swiftarc Ventures is launching a new fund dubbed Swiftarc Telehealth to take advantage of the boom in Telehealth-focused startups which have emerged, partly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The $75 million fund will focus on three initial areas: Obesity, Mental & Behavioral Health, and Pediatrics. It will also look […]

Fathom raises $3.7M for its AI notetaker

Fathom, a startup that is building an AI notetaker for Zoom, today announced that it has raised a $3.7 million seed round from a range of early-stage investors, including Zoom’s own Apps Fund. Other investors include the likes of early Zoom investors Maven Ventures, Bill Tai and Matt Ocko, early-stage funds Active Capital, Global Founders […]

Mayfair Equity Partners aquires UK adtech platform LoopMe for $120M

Founded back in 2012, the LoopMe adtech/martech startup focused on brand-based mobile advertising, using AI to deliver measurable outcomes for its users. At its height, it had raised $25m equity and $10m of venture debt (which was fully paid off before signing). But there’s a reason for using the past tense. For Mayfair Equity Partners […]

HeyCharge’s underground charging solution raises $4.7M Seed led by BMW i Ventures

EV charging continues to be a high-growth business, for obvious reasons. Since 2007, one of the largest players has been ChargePoint, the floated US company which with a widespread EV charging network. But plenty of startups are snapping at its heels. One of them is Germany-based HeyCharge, which realised there was a problem with how […]