Lawtrades aims to change how your company utilizes legal resources

Similar to other industries embracing contract work, Lawtrades is giving legal professionals a way to become independent and run their own virtual law practices. Raad Ahmed and Ashish Walia started the company in 2016 with an initial focus on startups and small businesses, trying to find product-market fit (as one does), but finding that legal […]

Not every creator economy startup is built for creators

Ten years ago, if you were a scrappy kid somehow making a living off of YouTube ad revenue and brand deals, you were probably told you didn’t have a real job. Now, if monetizing your creative output is how you pay your rent, you’re part of the creator economy, a buzzy new industry. An often-cited […]

Estate planning basics for founders and entrepreneurs

Renee Fry Contributor Share on Twitter Renee Fry is the founder and CEO of Gentreo, an online estate planning company. When you’re wearing multiple hats while managing your startup’s operations, there’s hardly any time to stop and think about what would happen if things were to go catastrophically wrong. You probably don’t consider the consequences […]

New antitrust suit from Phhhoto alleges Facebook copied and killed the competition

A former upstart Instagram rival is suing Meta, formerly known as Facebook, over allegations that the company violated antitrust laws by cloning a competing product and ultimately killing its business. The app, Phhhoto, launched in 2014, inviting users to create and share short GIF-like videos. If that sounds familiar, that’s because the same functionality was […]

With a Section 1045 rollover, founders can salvage QSBS before 5 years

Peyton Carr Contributor Share on Twitter Peyton Carr is a financial adviser to founders, entrepreneurs and their families, helping them with planning and investing. He is a managing director of Keystone Global Partners. More posts by this contributor Advanced tax strategies for startup founders Is your net worth too closely tied to your company’s success? […]

Bringing it in-house: What to look for when hiring a general counsel

Tim Parilla Contributor Share on Twitter Tim Parilla is LinkSquares’ chief legal officer. More posts by this contributor How to make sure your legal team is M&A ready A recent Corporate Counsel article highlighted a growing trend: More senior legal leaders are migrating to startups to take on general counsel roles. For some, it’s an […]

Link-in-bio monetization platform Snipfeed raises a $5.5M seed round

The link-in-bio business is heating up as more mobile website builders compete for a coveted slice of real estate on a creator’s TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter. Linktree leads the space, securing a recent $45 million Series B raise to build out e-commerce features, but Beacons boasts competitive creator monetization tools with just a $6 million […]

Harassment will happen at my startup and yours: Here’s how we prepare

Roxanne Petraeus Contributor Share on Twitter Roxanne Petraeus is the CEO and co-founder of Ethena, a compliance training platform for modern teams, and she is a former Army combat veteran. More posts by this contributor Politics and personal time: Making room for both at work Sexual harassment is, unfortunately, always in the news. Of late, […]

Court orders US Capitol rioter to unlock his laptop ‘with his face’

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., has ordered a man accused of participating in the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6 to unlock his laptop “with his face” after prosecutors argued that the laptop likely contains video footage that would incriminate him in the attempted insurrection. Guy Reffitt was arrested in late January, three weeks […]