What’s next for Cloud Foundry

Earlier this month, Craig McLuckie, the co-founder of the Kubernetes project during his time at Google and now the VP of R&D at VMware (after selling his startup Heptio to the company), was named the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. He succeeds VMware’s Paul Fazzone, who was named chairman […]

New AWS Marketplace option lets you launch containerized apps on prem or in cloud

As containers proliferate, developers are using them to deliver software, and depending on the environment, on prem or in the cloud, that can present a set of challenges for your users when it comes to installing the container. To help solve that issue, AWS announced AWS Marketplace for Containers Anywhere today at AWS re:Invent in […]

AWS launches Karpenter, an open source autoscaler for Kubernetes clusters

Today at AWS re:Invent, the company’s customer conference taking place in Las Vegas this week, AWS announced a new open source autoscaling tool for Kubernetes clusters called Karpenter. One of the advantages of cloud computing is the ability to scale automatically to meet your required resource needs —  or at least that’s theory. In reality, […]