Food for ‘bot

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been thinking a lot about agtech. It’s honestly unavoidable when you spend as much time as I have lately digging into the world of vertical farming. As I learned pretty quickly, things balloon outward into the many facets of the food supply chain. All of the pieces are inexorably […]

Iron Ox launches a new robot for moving and monitoring indoor crops

Iron Ox today announced the launch of the crop-assisting mobile robot Grover. According to the Bay Area-based indoor farming firm, the mobile robot is capable of lifting and moving up to 1,000 pounds of payload. The primary cargo is a 6×6-foot module that houses hydroponically fed produce. The modules are moved to a machine for […]

Ad Astro

Let’s talk about arms for a second. Or, rather, let’s talk about a lack of arms. It’s a common thread between Jibo, Kuri and now Astro. I suppose one could make the argument that Anki’s Cozmo had arms of a kind, but the overhead forklift wasn’t good for much beyond hooking into a proprietary block. […]