5 growth marketing predictions for 2022

Jonathan Martinez Contributor Share on Twitter Jonathan Martinez is a former YouTuber, UC Berkeley alum and growth marketing nerd who’s helped scale Uber, Postmates, Chime and various startups. More posts by this contributor 5 common growth marketing mistakes startups make In growth marketing, signal determines success It’s been a crazy year in growth marketing, what […]

10 growth marketing experts share their 2022 predictions and New Year’s resolutions

This is a quiet period for marketing: End-of-year campaigns are already underway, teams are on holiday vacations and there’s little to do until after the new year. Setting aside the holiday spirit, this has been a difficult year for growth professionals. Most are still adapting to pandemic-driven changes to consumer habits, but Apple’s new privacy […]

Mavrck raises $120M to scale its influencer marketing platform

The rise and impact of influencers has been one of the biggest forces in how the modern online social landscape has evolved in recent times. Now, a company that’s tapping into that influencer juggernaut, and specifically how it is playing out in the world of marketing, is announcing a huge round of funding to keep […]

This week in TechCrunch Experts: International expansion, 2022 trends, boutique software devs

TechCrunch Experts returns with predictions for 2022, insights on product-led growth and strategies for early-stage startups that hope to expand internationally. Jonathan Metrick, chief growth officer at Sagard & Portage Ventures, and Simon Lejeune, who leads user acquisition at Wealthsimple, shared three trends that they believe will shape marketing in 2022. With an eye on […]

Creator-driven marketplace LTK now valued at $2B after raising $300M from SoftBank

When LTK launched in 2011, phrases like “influencer marketing” or “the creator economy” weren’t common, but fashion blogger Amber Venz Box faced the same struggles that internet personalities face today. How do you convert unpaid hours writing posts, shooting photos, editing videos and building a following into a viable career? Amber Venz Box started LTK […]

ProductWind raises $1.67M to connect your brand with hundreds of influencers

Some big brands spend millions of dollars on marketing each year and may only drive thousands of dollars in sales as a result. At the same time, influencers are steering thousands, or even millions, of their followers to certain brands. ProductWind aims to connect brands with influencers in one click. The company is building a […]

Brands considering a live-shopping strategy must lean on influencers

Madison Schill Contributor Share on Twitter Madison Schill is the director of marketing and communications at Livescale and is a former fashion editor and producer. Live shopping — the seamless and simultaneous combination of online shopping, livestreaming and social media — has been taking North America by storm since October 2019. Though booming to take […]