Setting up high-conversion lead magnets that deliver value

Aleksandra Korczynska Contributor Share on Twitter Aleksandra Korczynska, the CMO of GetResponse, guides global SaaS marketing and growth. Driven by data analytics and growth hacking, she has crafted go-to-market strategies for global brands (ex-Uber) and tech startups alike. Sales stand and fall on leads, but attracting prospects and optimally converting them into buyers is an […]

Don’t trust averages: How to assess and strengthen the health of your business

Karen Peacock Contributor Share on Twitter Karen Peacock is the CEO of Intercom. Understanding the health of your business starts with customer focus: Are you providing breakthrough value to your customers? Is it value that’s so far above and beyond other solutions that it’s worth a prospective customer’s time and effort to switch to you? […]

This week in TechCrunch Experts: E-commerce trends, growth marketing predictions

TechCrunch Experts is off to a great start in 2022! Growth marketing (TechCrunch+) After talking to marketing leaders for a year, here’s my advice for CEOs: Rebecca Lynn, co-founder and general partner of Canvas Ventures, wrote about the latest challenges facing growth marketing teams and shared some of the the advice she’s given and received […]

TechCrunch+ roundup: VC advice for CEOs, 2022 e-commerce trends, OpenSea’s valuation

Data privacy is top of mind for online sellers, and for good reason: Regulators in China, Europe and North America are taking an interest, and iOS 14.5 allowed many consumers to disable data tracking, with negative consequences for companies that relied on Facebook’s granular ad targeting. Bearing those factors and others in mind, Ben Parr, […]

5 growth marketing predictions for 2022

Jonathan Martinez Contributor Share on Twitter Jonathan Martinez is a former YouTuber, UC Berkeley alum and growth marketing nerd who’s helped scale Uber, Postmates, Chime and various startups. More posts by this contributor 5 common growth marketing mistakes startups make In growth marketing, signal determines success It’s been a crazy year in growth marketing, what […]

Best of TechCrunch 2021

Just when we thought things couldn’t get more unexpected than a pandemic that shut down the world in 2020, 2021 entered the chat. As we started to navigate a “new normal,” we also started challenging the systems around us with advancements in crypto, web3, the metaverse and so much more. When looking at our top-performing […]

This week in TechCrunch Experts: conversational UX, brand building 101, marketing survey

Before we review the Experts-related articles published over the last two weeks, I want to thank Walter Thompson, Anna Heim, Annie Saunders, Richard Dal Porto and Ram Iyer for sharing ideas, stories and edits that keep this feature on track and moving forward! Software consulting (TechCrunch+) Using data-driven techniques to beat the Great Resignation: Dr. Meisha-ann […]

10 growth marketing experts share their 2022 predictions and New Year’s resolutions

This is a quiet period for marketing: End-of-year campaigns are already underway, teams are on holiday vacations and there’s little to do until after the new year. Setting aside the holiday spirit, this has been a difficult year for growth professionals. Most are still adapting to pandemic-driven changes to consumer habits, but Apple’s new privacy […]

2 exercises that will bring your brand persona to life

Jamie Viggiano Contributor Share on Twitter Jamie Viggiano is the chief marketing officer at Fuel Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm investing in consumer, SaaS and infrastructure businesses. More posts by this contributor Carve out a place for your brand with a positioning statement Create target customer personas to develop successful growth strategies It’s not […]