Don’t underestimate first-time founders

French payroll startup PayFit is now valued at $2.1 billion after raising a $289 million Series E round. It’s not France’s only recent unicorn, though: Ankorstore, Qonto, Exotec and Spendesk also joined the club this month. If you add Back Market’s $510 million Series E round valuing the company at $5.7 billion, things are shaping […]

The berserk pace of fintech investing outshines the global VC boom

The global startup fundraising boom has lifted nearly every sector you can name: Edtech took off during the pandemic, software in general got a lift, and even more risky and long-term wagers like space tech and biotech are seemingly doing well in today’s risk-on startup fundraising market. But no single category or niche in startup […]

Why aren’t female founders getting a bigger piece of the pie? Theories abound

Less than 2% of venture capital funding went to all-female founding teams in 2021, marking a five-year low, new data from Pitchbook shows. All-female founding teams did receive 83% more funding in 2021 in absolute dollars compared to the year prior, but that’s likely because US startups overall raked in a record amount of cash […]

More LP transparency is overdue

With capital aplenty for startups over the last few years, the balance of power between investors and founders has been tilting toward the latter. This manifests itself in several ways along a startup’s lifecycle, from more favorable early-stage term sheets to founder-friendlier public listing terms. There’s an area that remains untouched, though: The anonymity of […]

3 views: How due diligence will change in 2022

A few years ago, VCs were expected to perform extensive due diligence on startups. Investors dove into financials, called customers and vetted founders. But power has now shifted toward the founders after a long run of investors holding more than half the power thanks to the commoditization of capital. The pace at which deals were […]

Capital is a commodity

Charlie Graham-Brown Contributor Share on Twitter Charlie Graham-Brown is the partner and Chief Investments Officer of Seedstars, a Swiss-based group with a mission to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship. He leads the group’s venture capital fund, Seedstars International, which invests in seed-stage startups across emerging markets. Daniela Moreno Contributor Daniela […]

Index, Sequoia and Canvas investors weigh in on how to raise your first dollars

Founders seeking to raise their first round of capital may feel overwhelmed by the prospect. There is definitely plenty of capital out there, but there are also a lot of startups clamoring for it. To help new entrepreneurs figure out this dilemma, we invited three investors to speak at a panel titled, “How to Raise […]