Why Robinhood is getting hammered today

The 2020-2021 trading and investing boom lifted a number of companies’ revenue growth, fundraising and narrative strength. Some of the best-known even went public on the back of a global trend that made their businesses shine. Now that shine is fading, and the value of select fintech concerns is in free-fall. The best example of […]

Membership, mentorship or just messy

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. We had the full crew aboard today, headed by our superlative production team Grace and Chris, and hosting crew Mary Ann, Natasha and Alex. What did we get into? Well, a host of pretty awesome stuff, even if […]

Rise is a new calendar app with a scheduling engine for teams

Meet Rise, a new startup working on a calendar app that is specifically designed for team work. Rise helps you see what you have planned, check what you team is doing right now and, more importantly, schedule meetings that are as convenient as possible for the whole team. Currently in private beta, Rise raised $3 […]

Canvas gives non-technical teams data exploration knowledge without needing a degree in SQL

While some startups are trying to get people to leave spreadsheets behind, Canvas, which is developing a collaborative data exploration tool, is going all in with a spreadsheet-like interface for non-technical teams to access the information they need without bothering data teams. Luke Zapart, who started Canvas in late 2020 with his former Flexport colleagues […]

European, North American edtech startups see funding triple in 2021

Rhys Spence Contributor Share on Twitter Rhys Spence is head of research at Brighteye Ventures, a European edtech-focused fund, where he works with portfolio companies to help address priorities, with a focus on internationalization and HR. More posts by this contributor What we can learn from edtech startups’ expansion efforts in Europe The 2021 edtech […]

Here’s how far VCs have lowered revenue expectations for seed through Series B

New data from Kruze Consulting shows just how much the venture capital fundraising market has changed for startups in the last few quarters. Kruze, which provides accounting, tax and venture capital-related services to private tech companies, has access to hard data regarding startup performance. Healy Jones, vice president of financial planning and analysis at Kruze […]

Subscript wants to rid the world of subscription revenue metric spreadsheets

Sidharth Kakkar knows all about the pain of relying on a giant spreadsheet. While building his previous company, Freckle Education, it got to the point where the master spreadsheet full of data that everyone was using would not load anymore or would crash the computer. His company eventually was bought, but that pain point stuck […]

In blow to unicorns, the global IPO market continues to soften

The IPO market is flatlining at an awkward moment. While private markets remain heavily risk-on, a key avenue for startup exits – and investor liquidity – is seemingly shut. Our first indication that this was the case was the Justworks IPO delay in the United States, which pulled the plug on its debut close to […]