Raising money is catastrophically challenging for female founders

Shanea Leven Contributor Share on Twitter Shanea Leven is co-founder and CEO of CodeSee, a developer platform that helps developers and development teams better understand codebases. “Raising money is catastrophically challenging for female founders, and even harder for Black female founders.” It’s a bold, even damning statement — one I made in a recent discussion […]

TechCrunch+ roundup: Allocating equity, unicorn traffic jam, blockchain gaming survey

Early-stage startup founders have just a few ways to recruit and retain employees: Offer a competitive salary Create a role that harnesses their interests/talent Give them a stake in the company. In most cases, equity will not leave employees with substantial wealth. But even the most embittered worker will think twice about walking away from […]

Software stocks give up even more ground

Quick blog here to update you on some pretty important movements in the market. Today, in a nasty day for stocks generally, shares of software and cloud companies took a pounding. In numerical terms, the Nasdaq Composite lost 2.51%, per CNBC data. That’s a very bad day for a huge, critical category of publicly traded […]

Despite blockchain gaming’s play-to-earn angle, I prefer to pay

If there’s one thing that venture capitalists have taught me, it’s that aligned incentives can kick ass. It’s a phrase you’ll hear often if you spend time with professional private market investors. But if I summon my collegiate years, the phrase is really just the economic principle that individuals respond to incentives, restated in a […]

TechCrunch+ roundup: Cell-cultured meat, alternative financing, avoiding tech debt

You don’t need to be a scientist to understand the impacts of factory farming: if you’ve been near a North Carolina hog waste lagoon or driven past the enormous cattle feedlot in Coalinga, CA, the smell travels for miles. In exchange for affordability and convenience, consumers, regulators and meat producers have learned to live with […]

A startup founder’s guide to allocating equity grants

Kirsten Prost Contributor Share on Twitter Kirsten Prost is a VP at Tercera and supports the sourcing, execution, and monitoring of investments in third wave services businesses. In the war for talent, equity compensation has become more important than ever, but it’s not the easiest concept to explain, especially in privately funded companies. Equity isn’t […]

4 ways to navigate a post-acquisition partnership

Todd McKinnon Contributor Share on Twitter Todd McKinnon is the CEO and co-founder of Okta. More posts by this contributor Starting Up In A Downturn: How Okta Built Its Enterprise Company Why Your Favorite App Isn’t Business-Related And How It Can Be Mergers and acquisitions are notoriously tricky to navigate from a leadership and culture […]

Use alternative financing to fuel VC-level growth without diluting ownership

Miguel Fernandez Contributor Share on Twitter Miguel Fernandez is CEO and co-founder of Capchase. He is passionate about changing working capital dynamics to make it the main source of cash for tech companies. Launching a business is hard enough, but scaling it to a successful and lucrative exit is even more difficult. Securing early-stage venture […]

TechCrunch+ roundup: VC advice for CEOs, 2022 e-commerce trends, OpenSea’s valuation

Data privacy is top of mind for online sellers, and for good reason: Regulators in China, Europe and North America are taking an interest, and iOS 14.5 allowed many consumers to disable data tracking, with negative consequences for companies that relied on Facebook’s granular ad targeting. Bearing those factors and others in mind, Ben Parr, […]

3 things startup founders need to know about M&A

Alvaro Gutierrez Contributor Share on Twitter Alvaro Gutierrez is co-founder and CEO of Barkibu, which uses data to make pet care better, more affordable and personalized. Alvaro began his career providing acquisition financing for M&A at JP Morgan before co-founding Spanish pet retail giant Kiwoko, which in turn acquired 12 other companies and was eventually […]