For investors, future of work isn’t only about HR

With tech companies such as Meta once again postponing workers’ return to the office, it is clear that remote work will be a big part of our world in 2022 and beyond. This makes “future of work” a hot topic among investors, but that means different things to different people. The Exchange explores startups, markets […]

NFT volume, DAOs and the curious case of LooksRare

Like you, I check NFT marketplace volume a few times each day to keep tabs on the burgeoning market for buying and selling digital signatures on various blockchains that point to images and the like. We’re very cool. Mostly, the data is steady. OpenSea volumes tend to lead the space, with other, smaller NFT exchanges […]

Has Y Combinator’s new deal changed the early-stage investing game?

Y Combinator’s newly announced plan to invest more capital into startups that take part in its accelerator program is more controversial than many first assumed. By raising its so-called “standard deal” to include an additional $375,000, the U.S. program and investing group with hundreds of companies in each of its accelerator classes may have materially […]

Data show 2021 was a bonkers, record-setting year for venture capital

Venture capitalists went hard in 2021. Data collected from a number of sources indicates that last year set venture capital records around the world. From dollars invested to deal volume, sectors and geographies posted their strongest performance and excelled on essentially every continent. Today’s startup boom, from a venture capital perspective, is a wide-ranging and […]

The SPAC boom was a failure, yeah?

It’s painful to watch SPAC deals collapse post-combination. You can viscerally feel dreams melting away to disappointment as founders, employees and investors still holding shares in the newly public entities watch their wealth dwindle. The mess is not sector-specific. Media? Not a good SPAC target. Insurtech? Nope. 3D printing? Not looking good. E-scooters? Nerp. Hardware […]

Turo’s S-1 filing shows that unicorns can slingshot out of the pandemic

Peer-to-peer car-sharing company Turo filed to go public last night. TechCrunch’s first look at its S-1 filing is here, in case you missed it. That Turo has filed to go public is not a surprise. After raising nearly $500 million while private, the company has an enormous capital base underneath it, meaning that there is also […]

Startup fundraising again sets records as public markets slash tech valuations

TechCrunch noted a week ago that private markets appeared strongly bullish on future startup value creation, while public markets were drifting lower, repricing possible exit values for today’s upstart companies. The was, it seemed, a rising gap between the level of bullishness in the private and public markets. That dissonance has only increased in volume […]

Mark Cuban-backed fintech Dave’s public offering puts SPACs to the test

The special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) boom did not play out as some folks in the technology and business worlds hoped. Despite a wave of optimism through early 2021, private companies that pursued public debuts with the help of blank-check companies have frequently failed to cover themselves in glory in the intervening quarters.  Even more, […]

More LP transparency is overdue

With capital aplenty for startups over the last few years, the balance of power between investors and founders has been tilting toward the latter. This manifests itself in several ways along a startup’s lifecycle, from more favorable early-stage term sheets to founder-friendlier public listing terms. There’s an area that remains untouched, though: The anonymity of […]