5 areas where VCs can play an outsized role in addressing climate change

Jamil Wyne Contributor Jamil Wyne is an advisor, investor and author focusing on entrepreneurship, technology and economic development in emerging markets. He has worked with the World Bank, IFC, UN, Clean Energy Venture Group, Schmidt Futures, Ashoka, and other organizations. More posts by this contributor A close look at Singapore’s thriving startup ecosystem Abrar Chaudhury […]

Is cell-cultured meat ready for prime time?

Meat has been part of the human diet since before we found fire, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the production of meat at scale is more of a detriment to the environment and the world than a benefit. Across cultures and geographies, animals have been such a vital part of the food chain that […]

Is that weed you’re smoking green enough?

For most of the world’s industries, sustainability is an exercise in correcting the mistakes of the past — from changing mindsets to the very machinery used. But for the fledgling cannabis industry, there is still hope. A slew of startups and industry bodies are trying to make sure that for once, an industry starts off […]

The voracious fight for your salad bowl

There are several plastic clamshells sitting in front of me on a conference room table — around 20 or so boxes, labels facing forward, with a plate of turnips and a tub of those R&D strawberries we saw back in part two. It’s a nice photo opportunity, backdropped by Bowery Farming’s impressive grow system and […]

ESG and shareholder activism: A tsunami is coming to Silicon Valley

Derek Zaba Contributor Share on Twitter Derek Zaba is a partner at Sidley Austin’s Palo Alto office and co-chairs the firm’s Shareholder Activism practice. He counsels companies on a variety of matters, including activism defense/proxy contests, activism preparedness, takeover defenses, shareholder engagement and corporate governance. Sharon R. Flanagan Contributor Sharon R. Flanagan is the managing […]

The enormous challenges and abundant opportunities in climate tech

The decarbonization of the planet will be the next major disruption of the 21st century, according to SOSV managing general partner Sean O’Sullivan and Carmichael Roberts of Breakthrough Energy Ventures. A disruption of such magnitude will bring about changes that will touch every industry and corner of daily life, and as a result, a complex […]

The whole package: How plastics and sustainability startups achieve success

The amount of plastic pouring into our oceans is set to triple by 2040, and the bulk of the un-recycled plastic in the world is generated by an enormous industry: consumer packaged goods (CPG). The world is rife with waste from such goods, but as people become more aware and look to minimize the waste […]

Fintech is transforming the world’s oldest asset class: Farmland

Artem Milinchuk Contributor Share on Twitter Artem Milinchuk is the founder and CEO of FarmTogether, a fintech platform channeling funding into natural assets, starting with U.S. farmland. Farmland as an asset class has proven itself to be a stable investment decade after decade. Farmland’s negative correlation with the Dow Jones Industrial Average sits at an […]

Meet retail’s new sustainability strategy: Personalization

Sindhya Valloppillil Contributor Share on Twitter Sindhya Valloppillil is the founder and CEO of Skin Dossier, a venture partner at Next Gen Ventures, a freelance writer and formerly a beauty industry executive and marketing professor. More posts by this contributor It may not be as glamorous as D2C, but beauty tech is big money We […]