Brands considering a live-shopping strategy must lean on influencers

Madison Schill Contributor Share on Twitter Madison Schill is the director of marketing and communications at Livescale and is a former fashion editor and producer. Live shopping — the seamless and simultaneous combination of online shopping, livestreaming and social media — has been taking North America by storm since October 2019. Though booming to take […]

Choices and constraints: How DTC companies decide which strategy to follow

Companies typically have to settle on strategies that align with their customers, employees, investors, and regulators. The more they know about how the other side will decide, the clearer their own strategies become. If regulators always prefer choice for consumers, then it is easy for a platform to allow multiple payment choices: Shopify allows multiple […]

Use creative automation software to amp up your brand’s lower-funnel assets

Miha Mikek Contributor Share on Twitter Miha Mikek is the CEO and co-founder of creative automation company Celtra. With the holiday season around the corner, growth marketers are gearing up for their busiest time of the year. E-commerce brands are now leaning heavily on social sales and digital advertising, but should also expect an omnichannel […]

Meet retail’s new sustainability strategy: Personalization

Sindhya Valloppillil Contributor Share on Twitter Sindhya Valloppillil is the founder and CEO of Skin Dossier, a venture partner at Next Gen Ventures, a freelance writer and formerly a beauty industry executive and marketing professor. More posts by this contributor It may not be as glamorous as D2C, but beauty tech is big money We […]

Using AI to reboot brand-client relationships

Michael Gorman Contributor Share on Twitter Michael Gorman is SVP of Product, Business Development and Marketing at ShareThis, a data company focused on mapping comprehensive global consumer interest insights. Marketing automation has usually focused on driving sales, mainly using past purchase or late funnel behavior (e.g., paid search) as a predictor of an imminent purchase. […]

Europe’s quick-commerce startups are overhyped: Lessons from China

Alexander Kremer Contributor Share on Twitter Alexander Kremer is partner and head of China at venture capital firm Picus Capital. More than 10 companies currently compete across Europe with an instant grocery delivery business model. Half of them were established in 2020, the year of the pandemic. These companies have raised more than $2 billion […]

Apple is changing Mail Privacy Protection and email marketers must prepare

Melissa Sargeant Contributor Share on Twitter Melissa Sargeant is CMO at Litmus, where she runs worldwide marketing initiatives including corporate and product branding, demand generation, product marketing, public relations and event management. The most critical phase in a marketing team’s mix and overall multichannel strategy happens after you press send on an email campaign: the […]

Early-stage brands should also unlock the power of influencers

Jonathan Martinez Contributor Share on Twitter Jonathan Martinez is a former YouTuber, UC Berkeley alum and growth marketing nerd who’s helped scale Uber, Postmates, Chime and various startups. More posts by this contributor In growth marketing, creative is the critical X factor They’ve made waves on every screen and have been sponsored by nearly every […]

Online retailers: Stop trying to beat Amazon

Kenny Small Contributor Share on Twitter Kenny Small is vice president SAP and Enterprise at Qualitest Group, the world’s leading AI-powered quality engineering company. Brick-and-mortar stores forced to close due to pandemic lockdowns had to quickly pivot to an online-only model. Understandably, newcomers to the digital retail scene found themselves behind the curve in attracting […]

Do bronze medals ever make sense for unicorns?

Last week, Deliveroo made news when it announced it was preparing to leave the Spanish market. The recently listed Deliveroo couched its explanation in market terms, noting its market position in Spanish on-demand delivery wasn’t sufficient to warrant continued investment. Left unmentioned: A Spanish legal change requiring companies that previously depended on freelance couriers to […]