How our SaaS startup broke into the Japanese market without a physical presence

Barnabas Birmacher Contributor Share on Twitter Barnabas Birmacher is the CEO of Bitrise. Breaking into Japan is often one of the biggest challenges a growing tech company will encounter. The country is home to some of the world’s most advanced software and hardware leaders. For the startups that cater to these companies, “cracking Japan” is […]

As Yahoo leaves China, an accelerating stream of exits

TechCrunch held events in China as recently as 2019, following several years of hosting conferences in the country’s hardware capital, Shenzhen. In the wake of today’s news, is no longer available for regular access in China. How quickly things change. This morning, global media noted weekend-news that Yahoo, TechCrunch’s parent company, is pulling its […]

Is China building the metaverse?

Catherine D. Henry Contributor Share on Twitter Catherine D. Henry is SVP Growth at Media.Monks, where she advises leading global brands on how to enter the metaverse. There is a heated debate on the state of the race between the United States and China to dominate in AI. But perhaps the more strategic question is […]

What we can learn from China’s mobile gaming economy

Jeff Sue Contributor Share on Twitter Jeff Sue is GM, Americas at Mintegral, a mobile ad platform helping the world’s largest developers with global user acquisition, ad monetization and creative services. The mobile gaming economy has been in a state of flux for the past couple of years, and it has become quite difficult to […]

Is it so bad to take money from Chinese venture funds?

Denis Kalinin Contributor Share on Twitter Denis Kalinin works at venture fund Runa Capital as Asia Business development manager, devoted to connecting the Western and Asian VC worlds and bringing long-term value to both. China is becoming a superpower in the tech industry. According to Straits Times, China is the only place in the world […]

What China’s new data privacy law means for US tech firms

Scott W. Pink Contributor Share on Twitter Scott W. Pink is special counsel in O’Melveny’s Data Security & Privacy practice based in Silicon Valley. He advises technology, media, entertainment and a variety of companies on issues of cybersecurity and privacy, IP counseling; social media law; and advertising, marketing, and promotions law. China enacted a sweeping […]

Data-driven iteration helped China’s Genki Forest become a $6B beverage giant in 5 years

Rui Ma Contributor Rui Ma is a partner with 500Startups based in Beijing. More posts by this contributor Data-driven iteration helped China’s Genki Forest become a $6B beverage giant in 5 years Working With A Chinese Factory, Hardware Entrepreneur Edition China’s e-commerce and industrial ecosystem is as different from the Western world as its culture. […]