Google lowers Play Store fees to 15% on subscription apps, as low as 10% for media apps

Google is lowering commissions on all subscription-based businesses on the Google Play Store, the company announced today. Previously, the company had followed Apple’s move by reducing commissions from 30% to 15% on the first $1 million of developer earnings. Now, it will lower the fees specifically for app makers who generate revenue through recurring subscriptions. […]

Udemy targets valuation of $4B in major edtech IPO

Online education company Udemy this morning set an initial IPO price range for its upcoming debut. The San Francisco-based edtech unicorn — backed by Learn Capital, Insight Partners and Norwest, among others — expects to price its IPO between $27 and $29 per share. The company could be valued at more than $4 billion at […]

TechCrunch+ roundup: VCs rate pitch decks, IPO analysis, Techstars’ expansion plans

No one’s going to tell you when your startup has reached product-market fit — there are no flashing lights, no siren, no balloons falling from the ceiling. “Especially for first-time founders, assessing product-market fit at a stage where it’s mostly anticipation can be as much art as science,” writes News Editor Darrell Etherington, who interviewed […]

Udemy files to go public on back of growing B2B incomes

After digging into the Rent the Runway IPO filing this morning, we’re turning to Udemy. The Udemy offering comes in the wake of the successful Duolingo IPO earlier this year. And the company’s debut may prove to be the final major edtech IPO ahead of Byju’s eventual debut — how well Udemy performs in its […]

Employers are consumer edtech’s next beta test

Remote work may have changed the way we spend our days, but there’s quite a sneaky disruptor among us: burnout. As the pandemic drags on, employees are either soul-searching for a bigger purpose or simply exhausted by the uncertainty and stale culture of their current jobs. It’s not a small subset of the working population, […]

Duolingo doesn’t want to disrupt the college degree

A lot has changed for Duolingo. The language learning company launched nearly a decade ago on the Disrupt stage with no monetization plans. Today, that scrappy app has matured into a well-known consumer brand and a business that makes a ton of money. This growth fueled the startup’s recent decision to go public, which is […]

Taking consumer subscription software to the great outdoors

Eric Crowley Contributor Share on Twitter Eric Crowley is executive director in the San Francisco office of global investment bank GP Bullhound. The pandemic has been extremely painful for many. But as lockdowns lifted and people began resuming their outdoor hobbies, mobile-first businesses have seen growth accelerate as consumers turned to digital tools to improve […]

China roundup: Games are opium, algorithms need scrutiny

Hello and welcome back to TechCrunch’s China roundup, a digest of recent events shaping the Chinese tech landscape and what they mean to people in the rest of the world. The question for the tech news cycle in China these days has become: Who is Beijing’s next target? Regulatory clampdowns are common in China’s tech industry […]