Pinwheel raises $50M Series B at $500M valuation for its income verification APIs

Six months after its $20 million Series A, payroll connectivity platform Pinwheel just announced that it has nabbed another $50 million in a round led by new investor GGV Capital.  Pinwheel serves neobanks and fintechs like Block, Acorns, and Current by providing application programming interfaces (APIs) linked to payroll, income, and employment data. Historically, systems […]

Crypto API provider Conduit wants to be the Stripe of decentralized finance

Financial institutions continue to search for ways to pile into the crypto market, and decentralized finance (DeFi) products are one mechanism that could help them capture share. Investors in DeFi products can earn yield on their capital by lending out their cryptocurrency in exchange for interest.  But DeFi lending is far riskier than traditional lending, […] raises $1B round at $40B valuation

Payments company isn’t just a unicorn — it has closed a $1 billion Series D founding round. Following today’s round, the company is now valued at $40 billion. That’s a stark increase compared to last year’s valuation. With its Series C round, the company raised $450 million at a $15 billion valuation — it represents […]

Here’s how startups can prevent tech debt from piling up

Sowmyanarayan Raghunathan Contributor Share on Twitter Sowmyanarayan Raghunathan is the VP of Engineering at Talentica Software and an NIT Surat alumnus. He has helped over 50 early and growth-stage startups fulfill their engineering needs and stay ahead of the curve in the last 17 years. In 1992, Ward Cunningham coined the metaphor “technical debt” to […]

Constant compliance is security theater

Justin Beals Contributor Share on Twitter Justin Beals is the CEO and co-founder of Strike Graph, a SaaS solution that simplifies security compliance such as SOC 2 Type I/II, HIPAA and ISO 27000 Series to achieve trust and move deals. As a former CTO, I know that integrations are required to deliver data-driven products online. […]

WTF is .xyz?

If you’ve visited a crypto company’s website recently, you’ve probably visited a URL ending in “.xyz” instead of its cheugier counterpart, .com. From fintech Block, formerly known as Square, to venture firm Paradigm, to blockchain startups like Mirror, .xyz has become the go-to URL ending for many web3 companies. But what does it mean, and […]

This week in TechCrunch Experts: conversational UX, brand building 101, marketing survey

Before we review the Experts-related articles published over the last two weeks, I want to thank Walter Thompson, Anna Heim, Annie Saunders, Richard Dal Porto and Ram Iyer for sharing ideas, stories and edits that keep this feature on track and moving forward! Software consulting (TechCrunch+) Using data-driven techniques to beat the Great Resignation: Dr. Meisha-ann […]

Apple’s App Store Connect will be open on Christmas: Can developers take advantage?

Apple is breaking with holiday tradition: The company announced early last month that its App Store will continue to review developer submissions over the holidays, welcome news for app developers facing their busiest season. Previously, an app that needed to release a bug fix or a critical update on Black Friday or during the final […]

GDevelop wants to make game development accessible

GDevelop is a game engine that lets you develop a video game without any specific development experience. While the ‘no-code’ trend has been quite popular this year, GDevelop has been around for a few years already. Florian Rival first started working on GDevelop as an open-source side project. The first public version on GitHub was […]