Airplane soars with $8.5M to make creating internal tools less burdensome

Airplane on Thursday launched runbooks, a developer tool for automating internal workflows, in private beta and on Product Hunt. Runbooks enables engineers to compose tasks and built-in integrations, like SQL, REST APIs and Slack, into workflows that run JavaScript code, can feed that into a SQL database or combine data from Stripe and be accessible […]

AWS launches a new tool for diagnosing and fixing database issues in its cloud

AWS today announced a new service that makes it easier for its users to detect, diagnose and resolve issues in their relational databases. DevOps Guru for RDS, AWS’s fully managed relational database platform, is part of AWS’s DevOps Guru family, which launched last year with a service for detecting issues with machine learning services. As […]

Airbyte launches a hosted version of its integration platform

Airbyte, the well-funded open source data integration startup, always made it easy for data teams to set up their ELT (extract, load and transform) pipelines, but until now, that meant self-hosting and managing the service, with all the complications that come with that. Today, the company announced the official launch of Airbyte Cloud, a hosted […]