Nigeria’s SeamlessHR raises $10M to expand HR and payroll solutions across Africa

Africa’s appetite for cloud computing software continues to increase as connectivity and bandwidth opportunities push boundaries. Per reports, the continent’s cloud computing industry coupled with the Middle East is expected to grow to $31.4 billion in 2026 from $14.2 billion last year. SeamlessHR, a Nigeria-based company that wants to help African businesses “leverage the continent’s […]

AWS will buy a SaaS company, and other 2022 enterprise predictions

It’s always a sticky business predicting what’s going to happen in tech, because who knows what’s going on behind the scenes or what’s coming next. Would you have thought, for instance, that Salesforce would spend almost $28 billion to buy Slack at the end of 2020? Or that in 2021, Jeff Bezos would step back […]

3 views: Pay attention to these startup theses in 2022

In retrospect, the rise of software as a service (SaaS) is obvious. But for years, the idea that software would not only be hosted by providers instead of purchased by customers, and rented, instead of owned outright, was far from anyone’s mind. SaaS has cemented its place in the epicenter of startup and Big Tech […]

SaaS in 2021: How prodigious growth changed the startup landscape permanently

With capital in abundance, SaaS startups don’t seem to be too worried about how much runway they have remaining. According to OpenView’s annual Financial & Operating Benchmarks report, only 13% of nearly 600 companies surveyed named “burning too much cash” as one of their top three concerns, compared to 30% last year. While 2020 was […]

Waldo brings its ad-free, private photo-sharing service direct to consumers

Waldo, a photo-sharing platform that has historically targeted businesses, schools, camps, sports leagues, and other organizations, is capitalizing on the growing anti-Facebook sentiment to promote its newly launched consumer product. The company today is introducing a service aimed at private photo-sharing among family and friends which it’s promoting as an “ad-free, non-toxic” and private alternative […]

Customer data startup Hightouch grabs third funding round in 12 months

Just under a year after Hightouch, a SaaS service that helps businesses sync their customer data across sales and marketing tools, made its public launch, the company is back with its third fundraise. The $40 million Series B round was led by ICONIQ Growth, which was joined by existing investors Amplify Partners, Bain Capital Ventures, […]

Microsoft’s shift to the cloud is a lesson in corporate evolution

We tend to take the cloud for granted today as a way of delivering and building software, but it wasn’t always the case. Less than a decade ago, in fact, companies like Microsoft sold most of their software in boxes or in large on-prem installations inside customer data centers. Around 2012, as the company began […]

Merge raises $15M Series A for its B2B integrations platform

Merge, an integrations platform that focuses on B2B use cases, today announced that it has raised a $15 million Series A funding round led by Lee Fixel at Addition, with participation from existing investor NEA, which led the company’s $4.5 million seed round, and a number of angel investors. In addition to the new funding, […]

The consequences of SaaS sprawl: A real-world study

Mark Settle Contributor Mark Settle is a seven-time CIO, three-time CIO 100 award winner and two-time book author. His most recent book is “Truth from the Valley: A Practical Primer on IT Management for the Next Decade.” More posts by this contributor To guard against data loss and misuse, the cybersecurity conversation must evolve Privacy […]

Play puts native iOS product design tool in the palm of your hand

The traditional way to design for the mobile environment involves a lot of back-and-forth as developers design in one program, prototype in another and collaborate in yet a third tool. A new startup, Play, is touting itself as “the only native iOS product design tool that makes it possible to create, iterate and collaborate directly […]