If the $40B Nvidia-Arm deal is dead, what does it mean to big tech M&A?

News reports surfaced over the past 24 hours that the $40 billion Nvidia-Arm deal, which ranks among the most expensive tech deals ever, is in peril. Nvidia is reportedly ready to walk away due to regulatory pressure. The question is, what does it mean for tech M&A if this deal falls apart? Let’s not forget […]

AWS re:Invent: Faster chips, smarter AI, and developer tools grab the spotlight

This week, Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) kicked off its tenth re:Invent conference, an event where it typically announces the biggest changes in the cloud computing industry’s dominant platform. This year’s news includes faster chips, more aggressive artificial intelligence, more developer-friendly tools, and even a bit of quantum computing for those…Read More

The shape of edge AI to come

Making chips work in this new world of edge AI requires new ways of setting up neurals, designing memory paths, and compiling to hardware.Read More

Cruise lays out its plan for ‘how’ it will make robotaxis a reality

The string of engineers who spoke Thursday night during a deep dive into Cruise’s autonomous vehicle technology never mentioned Tesla’s name. They didn’t have to, although the message was clear enough. GM’s self-driving subsidiary Cruise presented a technical and deployment roadmap — at a granular level — that aimed to show how it has built […]

Kneron releases its first automotive-grade chip for ADAS and AV systems

Kneron has launched its first automotive-grade chip — fueled by funds from Foxconn, Alibaba, Sequoia, Horizons Ventures, and Qualcomm — that it says could revolutionize the path to vehicle autonomy. The chip industry has been dominated by legacy and tech companies like Intel, AMD and Qualcomm. Kneron – which has raised over $100 million to […]