Agreena, a regenerative farming carbon market, raises $4.7M Seed from Giant Ventures

Farming accounts for 24 percent of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions, and this is largely due to the intensive, ‘industrial’ farming methods employed in the last few decades, together with the rise in the consumption of meat. However, a new approach has been taking the farming world by storm. ‘Regenerative Farming’ practices hand unproductive land back […]

Index leads $12.2M seed in Sourceful, a data play to make supply chains greener

Supply chains can be a complex logistical challenge. But they pose an even greater environmental challenge. And it’s that latter problem — global supply-chain sustainability — where UK startup Sourceful is fully focused, although it argues its approach can boost efficiency as well as shrink environmental impact. So it’s a win-win, per the pitch. Early […]

Supercritical launches carbon removal offset marketplace for tech firms reach NetZero

It’s a little known fact that the carbon footprint of the technology sector is great than the entire aviation industry (Aalto University and LUT University). At the same time, tech companies (like many others) are generally attracted to carbon offsetting schemes which don’t actually remove carbon from the environment and are often riddled with flaws. Only […]