Biden’s QSBS tax plan would have unintended consequences for startups

Vieje Piauwasdy Contributor Share on Twitter Vieje Piauwasdy is the director of equity strategy at Secfi, an equity planning platform for startup executives and employees. Buried deep in President Joe Biden’s 2021 tax plan are new amendments to the United States’ Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) program, which, if passed, will directly impact early-stage startup […]

You can’t afford to make poor decisions about incentive stock options

Pam Kreuger Contributor Share on Twitter Pam Kreuger is the founder and CEO of, a free online service that matches consumers with qualified, fee-only financial advisers, and the creator and host of the investor-education television series “MoneyTrack.” John Chapman Contributor Share on Twitter John Chapman is a certified financial planner professional with WorthPointe Financial […]