Boston Dynamics owner Hyundai deploys Spot for factory safety monitoring

Back in June, Hyundai completed a deal for controlling interest in Boston Dynamics. The Korean automotive giant no doubt has some grand plans for integrating the Massachusetts-based firm’s technology into a lot of their forward-looking concept mobility vehicles — for now, however, it’s more about putting existing robots to work. Hyundai today announced the arrival […]

Alphabet X’s exosuit

Last week, Kathryn Zealand shared some insight on the eve of Women’s Equality Day. The post highlighted an issue that’s been apparent to everyone in and around the robotics industry: there’s a massive gender gap. It’s something we try to be mindful of, particularly when programming events like TC Sessions: Robotics. Zealand cites some pretty […]

I don’t know what to do with those tossed salads and robot legs

One of the most fascinating aspects of Boston Dynamics’ transition into a commercial organization is watching the company — and its partners — figure out real-world jobs for Spot. There’s no question that the tech is impressive, but there’s always been the broader subject of usefulness beyond the company’s initial purpose of serving as off-road […]

Actuator: Stop making sense

First of all, we’ve got a fancy new name. While “Robotics Roundup” was nothing if not very technically accurate, it lacked the kind of panache one ought to strive for when rounding up robotics. Actuator, on the other hand — that’s a mover and shaker. It’s a name you can take to the bank (or […]

Atlas slugged

I watched a lot of skate videos growing up. At some point, failures became as important a fixture as perfectly executed tricks. The spills and the injuries could be downright gnarly (there’s a reason, after all, that skateboarding culture gave the world “Jackass”), but as an aggressively mediocre skater myself, there was something comforting in […]

Embodied AI, superintelligence and the master algorithm

Chris Nicholson Contributor Share on Twitter Chris Nicholson is the founder and CEO of Pathmind, a company applying deep reinforcement learning to industrial operations and supply chains. More posts by this contributor UPDATED: Machine learning can fix Twitter, Facebook, and maybe even America Superintelligence, roughly defined as an AI algorithm that can solve all problems […]