Watch Edward Snowden launch Global Encryption Day, live today

Marginalized communities, survivors of abuse, politicians, law enforcement – they all use encrypted communications to keep their information safe. But the encryption of the kinds of services you and I use every day – from messaging to confidential internal company communications – is increasingly under threat by governments globally. The reasons are sometimes understandable, such […]

How to establish a health tech startup advisory board

Patrick Frank Contributor Share on Twitter Patrick Frank is the co-founder and COO of PatientPartner, a platform that connects pre-surgical patients with fully recovered patients who went through the same surgery. Frank has worked in consumer technology across industries including retail banking, law, real estate and healthcare. When you enter the health tech industry as […]

What’s the board’s role in an early-stage startup?

Gregg Adkin Contributor Share on Twitter Gregg Adkin is vice president and managing director at Dell Technologies Capital, the global venture capital investment arm of Dell Technologies. What’s the board’s role in an early-stage startup? Startup founders frequently ask me about the role of a board of directors. A board can be a crucial asset […]