Blockchain gaming survey: 7 investors discuss regulation, opportunities and NFT hype

The video-game industry has always been on the bleeding edge, but blockchain gaming is still widely viewed as emerging technology. In October 2021, Valve banned all blockchain-related games from its Steam platform. Meanwhile, within Axie Infinity, an NFT-based online game, new players are paying hundreds of dollars to acquire mythical pets and love potions. There’s […]

Bitcoin slips under the $40,000 mark

The value of bitcoin fell under the $40,000 mark in early morning trading today. The popular cryptocurrency sold off sharply this morning, while rival tokens like ether also lost value. Currently worth $39,831 per coin, bitcoin is off 4.3% and ether 5.1%, according to Coinbase data. While it is always risky to cover price changes […]

The rich get richer: Rethinking Bitcoin’s power as an inflation hedge

Kay Khemani Contributor Share on Twitter Kay Khemani is the managing director of From turkeys to gasoline, clothes to dollar stores, nearly every avenue of human activity has been hit by the specter of inflation. Across the globe, rising inflation rates are disrupting purchasing plans and spending. In the face of this inflationary inferno, […]

Regulating crypto could create American super apps

David Donovan Contributor Share on Twitter David Donovan leads the Global Financial Services Practice for the Americas for digital consultancy Publicis Sapient and is a former Fidelity Investments executive. Much of Chinese society has come to depend on so-called super apps like WeChat to do multiple tasks, from making a medical appointment to hailing a […]

Mozilla Foundation hits pause on crypto donations following backlash

The Mozilla Foundation is pausing the ability to accept donations in cryptocurrencies following a backlash from scores of people including a founder of the Mozilla Project. The foundation, which oversees the development of the Firefox browser, on Thursday acknowledged conversations around the environmental impact that cryptocurrency potentially pose and said it is reviewing whether its […]

How will the crypto selloff impact the NFT market?

Major cryptocurrencies are currently enduring price declines from already depressed levels. It’s a selloff, though likely not one large enough to shake the confidence of the crypto faithful. Still, the impact of falling crypto prices on assets priced in crypto should prove interesting. The NFT market, largely built on the Ethereum blockchain, has seen a […]

Your mom owns Web 2.0

We’ve been gifted another episode of “Tech versus Tech: Crypto Edition” today. The argument among the tech elite about just who owns what in the Web 2.0 and web3 worlds continued this weekend. And once again the dustup featured former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and a16z, the investing firm best known in recent years for […]

Is cryptocurrency an alternative to remittances or an additive factor?

Alex Holmes Contributor Share on Twitter Alex Holmes is chairman and CEO of MoneyGram International, the global leader in the evolution of digital P2P payments. Governments around the world have been looking at adopting, regulating and even banning cryptocurrencies since the inception of Bitcoin. Ever since, the crypto ecosystem has been a rocket ship ride […]

Bitcoin is religion; web3 is greed

It’s my last day of work for the year, so we’re going to have some fun. Obviously, we’re talking crypto this morning. Jack Dorsey, former Twitter CEO and present CEO of Block, the company formerly known as Square, stirred the crypto pot recently, making explicit his preferences in the larger blockchain landscape by taking swipes […]

Crypto mayors on the rise

Brooks Rainwater Contributor Share on Twitter Brooks Rainwater is the director of the Center for City Solutions and Applied Research at the National League of Cities. More posts by this contributor Autonomous vehicles make congestion pricing even more critical Cities that didn’t win HQ2 shouldn’t be counted out Bitcoin and broader cryptocurrency prices have skyrocketed […]