Rocket Lab acquires SolAero Holdings for $80M to boost space solar cell production

Rocket Lab is on a mission to vertically integrate space solutions. On Tuesday the launch and space systems company announced the close of a deal to acquire SolAero Holdings, a supplier of space solar power products and precision aerospace structures, for $80 million in cash. Buying SolAero, a 24-year-old, New Mexico-based company, means Rocket Lab […]

Space startup Wyvern raises $4.5M and joins YC’s latest cohort

A Canadian startup working at the cutting edge of satellite imaging has raised $4.5 million across a combination of a $2.25 million seed round, and $2.25 million from a combined pre-seed and government funding. Wyvern, which is working specifically on hyperspectral imaging (imaging that captures light across many different wavelengths, including non-visible ones) is also […]

The eVTOL take-off part two: Looking ahead to 2022

This year was a watershed for the electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) industry, marked by billion dollar exits, huge venture deals and more partnerships. But in many ways, the past year should be thought of as the setting of a chess board before a match: the pieces are in place. Now it is time […]

Sectors where New Zealand startups are poised to win

As a remote island nation in the middle of the South Pacific, New Zealand is experiencing the stirrings of a burgeoning startup scene. The country has historically been capital-starved, but recent investments from the government and foreign investors have significantly increased access to early-stage venture capital funding. Now, certain industries are emerging as potential areas […]

Kathy Leuders on Artemis, restructuring NASA, and the lifecycle of the ISS

Kathy Leuders, head of NASA’s newly minted Space Operations Mission Directorate, joined us at TC Sessions: Space last week for a chat about the future of the agency and what she is looking forward to — and dreading — in the next decade of missions. In the first place Leuders explained the reasoning behind NASA’s […]

How to build a better rocket company

More private rocket companies are actually now coming online, after years of the field being left basically to SpaceX and Rocket Lab. At TC Sessions: Space 2021 this past week, we spoke to three rocket makers who have either already launched, achieved orbit or are well on their way: Firefly Aerospace’s Lauren Lyons, Astra’s Benjamin […]

Max Q: Astra heads to the Space Coast

Hello and welcome back to Max Q! Happy December everyone. We’re officially nearing the end of the year, and what a year it’s been. Despite the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, I think it’s pretty safe to say that this has been a watershed 365 days for the space industry. I can’t wait to […]

Factor raises seed round to streamline an overlooked part of the supply chain

The “last mile” in the supply chain has gotten lots of attention during the pandemic. Even ecommerce giants like Amazon have struggled to surmount the challenges of distributing product fast enough to keep up with demand. But Factor, a startup created in 2018 by manufacturing industry veterans Doug Shultz and Michael Szewczyk, just raised a […]