Pandemic pain is fueling robo-realism

Financial Times columnist Sarah O’Connor recently wrote the type of humility-driven reflection I wish pervaded tech coverage. She begins “Why I was wrong to be optimistic about robots” with an about-face confession that won’t surprise anyone steeped in political economy, but nevertheless is a refreshingly honest dose of fourth estate realism.  “I used to be […]

Hypto will now let you own viral moments in internet history

Hypto is an online marketplace for viral social content including videos, memes, and tweets. It will allow collectors to buy, trade, and resell viral content. Since it was set up in early February it has grown rapidly. Last week, it was one of the most popular projects featured on Product Hunt.  “People are craving something […]

This has been the year of digital grieving

When we die, most of us alive today will be survived by the echo of our online platforms. For those we leave behind, it will be a semi-indelible comfort, an aching reminder, and at times an ever-unfolding chore. Often, it will be all of these things at once. For many, this past year has been […]

Will robot playmates become our children’s only friends?

Picture this: your perennially shy seven-year-old asks you to invite a friend over on a random afternoon. Or, perhaps, you might find yourself pleasantly amazed by a series of loving notes left around your home, addressed to all the members of your family by your usually despondent and inattentive child.  Those are the sorts of […]

ChitterChat: the ‘socially acceptable’ way to expand your network

At the beginning of February, Isaac Joy sat down and asked himself: “how would I like to use the internet?” A month later, he had created ChitterChat, a networking platform that encourages users to meet others online by connecting them with one new person each week.  “I realised social media isn’t that good really for expanding […]